Individual insight sessions with Tibetan bells


Enjoy a retreat from your busy life without leaving Berkeley. A one and one half hour session in my Japanese tea house includes sound healing with Tibetan bells resonating on and around your body. I will guide you in focusing your attention to questions, areas of concern or habitual patterns you would like to change. A gentle non-intrusive support for personal transformation. Session includes a soak in my garden hot tub under the spreading Acacia tree. Ideal for moments of life transition, birthdays, renewing intentions, marriage, loss of a dear one, honoring a friend. Gift Certificate available. You will leave feeling renewed and refreshed.



Series of six weekly or bi-monthly hourly sessions. I offer ongoing coaching with sound healing, meditation, and insight counseling. A refreshing way to integrate your busy work, family and creative life with a greater sense of peacefulness. Ideal for people who are already practicing some form of meditation and are seeking new insights.

Individual Feldenkrais Sessions

Does your back hurt? Are you finding that you’re stiff in the morning? Do you have aches and pains that limit the pleasure of an active life? Are you pushing yourself beyond your limits and are you exhausted and not as effective in your work, play, and life as you would like to be? I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and I offer individual sessions tailored to your needs. In six sessions you will notice a definite transformation in your comfort, ease, and sense of well being. I give sessions in my beautiful Japanese tea house. I also offer individualized instructions in spas and swimming pools if you need to develop particular exercises for chronic conditions or recent injuries.



Live Music Performances


I play Japanese Koto, bamboo and Native American flutes, clay ocarinas and Tibetan bowls, Japanese Temple bells and Chinese Gong. Trained in classical Western and Japanese music, I specialize in a genre of meditative music combining many of these instruments. My music can transform your event. Ideal for a calming introduction to conferences, cultural events, gallery openings, book/poetry reading, fundraising events. Perfect for special celebrations, weddings, women’s circles, birthdays, poetry readings, or honoring a special friend. Together with you I will create music to enrich your event. Fee negotiable depending upon time required and venue.






Translations and Cultural Exchanges: Spanish and French


Translations and Cultural Exchanges; Spanish and French I can translate for speakers, radio interviews, conferences, visiting colleagues or friends. I have lived and worked in Latin America, France, Switzerland, and Japan. I have created cultural exchange programs, hosted visiting dignitaries, artists, and indigenous musicians for over two decades. Fee negotiable.




Gift Certificate

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Click for PDF

An ideal gift for birthdays, special friends:
If you would like to send this certificate to a friend as a gift,
please pay me in advance and let me know the name and telephone
number of your friend. Gift Certificates are good for three months.

To prepare a gift certificate for a friend,
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