Exploring the journey from grief to gratitude

A musical prayer, Awaken Your Heart From Its Ancient Sleep invites you to enter sacred space to suspend time for a moment. Weaving together instruments and musical traditions of East and West, we seek an intimate connection with spirit, with earth, with sacred community. In this realm of spirit, our music celebrates the joys and sorrows, inexplicable mystery and gratitude of being human.

Vijali: When I completed the first Earth Mandala, my seven year journey circling the planet for peace, I wanted to express through music the beauty and authenticity which inspired me in each of the twelve countries I visited. With local artists and communities I carved monumental sculptures and created ceremonial performances. Five years ago I met Edie, a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science, and a flutist with nine recordings. While performing in the US and Ecuador I recognized in her soul searching bamboo flutes a quality of earth song I had been seeking. Singing in response to Edie's haunting ocarinas and flutes I felt the longing and hope of all earth's inhabitants rise up through our sacred music.

Edie: My collaboration with Vijali opened a realm as spacious as the sky. While performing, I felt the pulse of breath and silence transform into music, much as wind sings thorugh bamboo reeds. Vijali's voice travels a river of souls and perfectly entwines then echoes my flutes and koto. Our music resonates with humanity's ancient yearning to awaken the heart and discover our divinity.

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 L I S T E N   T O   S A M P L E   T R A C K  



Live Inside a Pure Hollow Note (2:27)

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